Foundation of SATMA, activity is Etching and Forming of aluminium foil for electrolytic capacitors.

Purchasing of SATMA by PECHINEY Group.

Launching of new "solid core" etching technology to produce H 100 series of foils.

Launching of new pilot etching machine to produce H 100.7 type of foils.

Purchasing of PECHINEY Group by ALCAN Group.

Purchasing of SATMA by Italian Group ALMECO.

Foundation of SATMA PPC by Italian Group KENDEIL.

Important investments in R&D bring new foils onto the market.


SATMA PPC is a leading producer of Etched and Formed foil for Electrolytic Capacitors and has more than 60 years of experience in electrochemical treatment of aluminium foil and strips.

SATMA PPC has specialised itself in production and sales of DC high voltage anode foils and motorstart anode foils, these products are made with advanced etching and forming technologies, which are regularly updated to make sure that SATMA PPC meets the highest international standards of performance and quality.

SATMA PPC facility is located in Goncelin, halfway between Chambery and Grenoble, a beautiful area in the heart of the French Alps, famous for its numerous ski resorts.

The Company's roots

SATMA was founded on the site of FROGES (Isere, France) after three prominent figures joined forces in 1945 : Ets. Coquillard, an aluminium rolling mill, Mr.Jeanson, a capacitor producer and Mr.Cartoux, an industrialist.
The name of FROGES is well known since it was was one of the very first sites in the world to produce aluminium with the Heroult-Hall process as soon as 1887.

Together they developed a business producing engraved (or etched) and anodised (or formed) sheets used as electrodes in aluminium electrolytic capacitors.


PECHINEY, at that time one of the leading private industrial groups in France, decided in 1965 to purchase SATMA and make massive investments.
Th other activity of SATMA, the BANDOXAL Division, producing anodised sheets and coils for lighting applications, was also brought to the same new site of Goncelin (Isere Departement).
Today SATMA is still located on the same site.


There were two major breakthroughs in the 80's.
The market which was very much located in Western countires moved towards the Far-East area, SATMA followed the move and re-oriented its sales towards the Far-East.
In terms of technology, the end of the 80-s was a major turning point with the launching of the new high gain etching technology.
SATMA was the first foil producer (outside Japan) to put on the market high gain foils with a solid core structure, this new series was called H 100 series.
In 1988, SATMA launched its first H 100 etching lines and its first 3-step forming lines.


A period of changes, after being part of ALCAN Group, then of ALMECO Group, SATMA is now part of the Italian Group KENDEIL, very active in the field of passive components.

From 2008, SATMA became SATMA PPC, a new strategy has been put in place, a more aggressive marketing policy has been launched and a new dedicated and reinforced R&D team is working hard to develop new performing foils.

In 2009, important investments in R&D allow SATMA PPC to launch new high gain foils, H 144.6 type and H 104.8 type.
The H 104.8 type is now the highest gain available in the SATMA range of DC anode foils.

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