Extension of foil types H 104.6 / H 144.6 / H 104.7 / H 104.8 to MEDIUM VOLTAGE RANGE (starting at FV 200)

Extension of foil types H 144.6 / H 104.7 / H 104.8 to VERY HIGH VOLTAGE (above FV 700)

New anode foil 104.8 VERY HIGH GAIN


SATMA PPC is a leading producer of Etched and Formed aluminium foil for Electrolytic Capacitors and has more than 60 years of experience in electrochemical treatment of aluminium foil and stips.

SATMA PPC has specialised itself in production and sales of DC high voltage anode foils and motorstart anode foils, these products are made with advanced etching and forming technologies, which are regularly updated to make sure that we meet the highest international standards of performance and quality.


SATMA PPC sells its products worldwide directly to its customers and through local agents.

Customer service means good quality products, reliable lead times, regular visits to our customers, working closely with our customers to develop new concepts or new projects. For SATMA PPC, customer service is a key factor in building long-term business relationships with customers.


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